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From Apprentice to Entrepreneur: The Pete Bird Story

by: Pete Bird


Hi, I’m Pete Bird, the heart and soul behind Pete Bird Property Maintenance LTD. My journey in the building trade began at the tender age of 15, when I started as an apprentice cabinet maker. Those early days, crafting bespoke pine furniture and kitchens, ignited a passion in me. I remember the eagerness with which I would finish school, jump on my bike, and head straight to work.

Working full-time after school, I dedicated many years to honing my skills in cabinetry. This period laid a solid foundation for my eventual venture into the broader building trade. My path took a turn when I joined a PVC window and door manufacturing team, where I rose to the position of team leader and achieved an NVQ level 3 qualification. This role not only enhanced my technical skills but also gave me a deeper understanding of leading teams and managing projects.

However, my career was not without its challenges. I later became a lead fitter for a national firm, which, despite its reputation, offered me valuable insights. I relished the work and the opportunity to meet new people, though the extensive travel was less appealing. It was here I earned another NVQ level 3 qualification. But, more importantly, I realised the significance of customer service – an area I found lacking in the company. This experience was instrumental in shaping my vision for the future.

Armed with the skills and experiences of 15 years, I made the pivotal decision to start my own business. I wanted to focus on serving the local community, provide exceptional customer service, and excel in everything I did – values that came naturally to me.

Thus, Pete Bird Property Maintenance LTD was born, a decision second only in significance to marrying my wonderful wife. Together, we have built a team that operates not just as a business but as a family unit. A few years into our venture, we welcomed two beautiful children, who I hope might one day continue the legacy, if they choose to.

Having worked in the building trade for over 20 years, there’s hardly a challenge I haven’t faced or a project I haven’t tackled. This wealth of experience makes us the ideal choice for anyone seeking the best in the business.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. I’m proud to introduce myself and even prouder of the service we provide at Pete Bird Property Maintenance LTD.